Selfish Request?

It feels a bit selfish to ask you to do this, yet it also feels, oddly enough, not selfish. Ok, so I’m a little confused. Anyway, a prayer petition today for my very good friend from work, Bob and his wife Renae. A scheduled c-section at noon today, for their second child. These are fairly […]

Two Big Prayers?

Two Big Prayers? Pray that I can achieve the following two impossible goals: To become the kind of person my dog thinks I am. That when our son goes looking for Jesus, he’ll only have to look across the dining room table. Do you have a few really BIG goals in your life? Are you […]


Playdate? Sometimes. Usually on the weekends. Almost exclusively on the weekends. After Church yesterday, we called a couple of our son’s “cousins”. One couldn’t come over for a playdate simply because the Family was exhausted from the week’s activities. Been there, done that. Completely understand. The other friend couldn’t come over because he was busy […]

Happy Birthday Mom(s)

Today is my Mom’s birthday and this past Wednesday was my Step-Mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMS! Wishing you Peace in your Soul, Joy in your Spirit and Love in your Heart. This is our Family prayer we say every day before dinner. Like my Father, and his Father before him, I’m trying to find my […]


Numbers: 120 consecutive days started on my knees, since April 1 Over 1,000 blogs posts since March 2009 100+ You Tube videos posted since May 2009 6,000+ views on You Tube, without any Marketing On track to exceed 2,000,000 hits annually (Goal is 2mil+ hits per month) Once, daily, I am humbled to the point […]