The original posts from June 1-8 were removed because…

The original posts from June 1-8, 2009 were removed because…

Because they had enough Disney information that two people could read them and have two different opinions about their appropriateness.

One person would say, “These are great and i don’t see any conflict of interest.”

The other person could say, “You’ve crossed a line.”

Many of my posts in the first 100 days were either edited to err on the side of caution, or deleted entirely.

These posts from June 1-8 are being added to correctly reflect the historical monthly calendar counts.


Final Answer? Final Post?

OK, my final answer – this is my final post for May 2009.

Duh, it’s May 31, so of course this is the final post this month.

Yes, and!

And moving forward, I’ll be posting periodically, rather than daily.

I’m now just 60 days away from Finland.

Expect some cool, inspiring, and intriguing stuff at Lane 8.

Over ten years ago, I started to get in shape by doing one push-up per day.

The first two years, I also tried to jog, but all I could do was walk.

Now here it is, one week before my 50th birthday, and I’m heading to the Master’s Track & Field World Championships in Finland, in 60 days.

I got to this level of accomplishment by applying what I teach.


Hey, I better get going. Promised myself a nap. I better get started. Carpe diem, jeff noel, aka jungle jeff 🙂