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Manifest Destiny By Josh Brooker

Josh, Mission Accomplished
Josh, Mission Accomplished

Today we have a story from Josh Brooker, and he is the 21-year old middle son of long-time friends of ours.

Brian Brooker, Josh’s Father, and the two other brothers took a cross-country road trip this summer. And Josh produced a captivating video documentary. The production, narration, music, editing – a stunning artist expression of Manifest Destiny.

If you have 16 minutes to allow yourself to be taken on a youthful, entertaining, and profoundly insightful look at dreams and age-old questions, and want to take a trip down memory lane when, at 21, you yourself had these same dreams and questions, then click here.

Before you decide to click away, I didn’t mention – this is award-winning cinematography and storytelling. At nine minutes into Josh’s manifesto, I began to get teary-eyed. I’m not making this recommendation lightly, and I understand your insane schedule.

You will thank (me) Josh later, but only if you have the self-discipline to slow down, take a deep breathe, and watch.

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How Can You Tell? Our Choices Make Us

Desire Shackles Us All

Where Are You Headed?
Where Are You Headed?

Desire shackles us all, doesn’t it?

Do you ever wonder if you are addicted to something?










Desire shackles us all.

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Yesterday In The Subway Line

Wish I Packed My Lunch More Often
Wish I Packed My Lunch More Often

When was the last time you felt Divine providence? Anyone in the last 18 hours?

Eat fresh, right? Jared, the Subway sandwich guy lost a gazillion pounds eating fresh. The lunch time line was long.

Had iPad in hand, to do some work and remain productive.

After ten minutes in line, the tall man behind me says, “How do you like your iPad”.

Eric (the tall man), a former Youth Pastor, and now a Church founder, was visiting from Texas for some leadership training here in Orlando.

Listening to Eric’s story as we waited our turn to pay, it was astonishing to hear that he fasted for 40 days, and God led him to start a Church.


Start a Church.

Make no small plans people.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, On Your Knees?

You'll Have To Choose Everyday
You'll Have To Choose Everyday

Dear Chapin…

August 1, 2010, just a few days ago.

It started like every other day for the past 16 months.

How did it start for you?

I often wonder what life would be like if everyone started on their knees in prayer.

Ever wonder that, or am I the only one?

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How Can You Tell? This Might Change Your Life

Do You Believe In Being Used?

Continually Improving
Continually Improving

The Lord has been known to use people to help spread his message, to help those less fortunate, to spread love where there is hate, to comfort the broken-hearted.

Do you ever feel like he is using you? This was difficult for me to comprehend until He started, noticeably, transforming my life. He put the opportunity in front of me to become a public speaker, in 1998.

It was neither an opportunity sought, nor wanted.

But it was, indeed, an opportunity.

A huge opportunity. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it created in me a confidence I’d never known.

And provided an education money could never buy.

To teach is to learn twice.

To teach, and to write, is to learn thrice.

And in the past three months, I humbly submit to you the growing fruits of this labor.

Three-quarters of a million hits

How? Why? Where?

I suspect divine providence.

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