Unscripted and unexpected is a subconscious habit at Disney

      They truly live to serve others. Disney Cast Members are simply the very best customer service advocates in the world. The only request yesterday was for a simple, “Happy birthday, Donna” when we arrived. It started there, but didn’t end there. The three Disney Cast Members added (on their own) a very […]

Fun is in the spiritual freedom

  (photo: Photo pulled from Google search. Old Disney Institute collateral piece. Circa 2004. Fun.) Praying for creative, and, authentic wisdom. Disney Institute FaceBook update yesterday: “Looking to transform your company culture…upskill your leaders…or reimagine your customer experience? It CAN be done! Here’s how we can help (with a link to their website).” This is […]

Disney’s Napa Room with a stunning view on a Monday night

      (photos: Disney’s Napa Room at the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort offers a comfortable and stunning view of Magic Kingdom and Cinderella Castle.. and the last eight people to leave.) Last night was the official final event as a Cast Member. Even though officially retired since October 31, the room wasn’t available […]