Evil Will Flourish If….

A Few Good Men?
A Few Good Men?

“All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.” — unknown

Next time you find yourself complaining about what someone else ought to to, needs to do, or should do, pause for a moment and ask yourself this question:

What “good” am I going to do today that I’ve been putting off?

Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months and month into years.

Do some constructive “thing” that signals you are part of the solution.

Because if you’re not part of the solution, then what are you, really?

I Just Decided To Do It

The Cross
The Cross

What will it take to be a better person? To pray more, give more, hope more?

What will it take to be a better person? To want less, take less, worry less?

Here’s your test. If someone didn’t know you, would they know you worshiped God?

About seven years ago, when our son was two, I removed my crucifix and hung it on a closet door hinge, while we went about our father/son wrestling match.

For awhile, each evening was the same. After dinner, there was play time on the floor, resulting in some sort of wrestling match. Two things ultimately happened:

  1. Switched from eye glasses to contacts
  2. Hung the crucifix up for the last time

Fussing with glasses and a necklace everyday got old. And then the epiphany. Would people know I’m a Christian without the necklace?

And by the way, in Florida, our laid back lifestyle only calls for wearing shirts for Work, Church or the Grocery Store, so the necklace was almost always visible.

So I just decided to do it. To keep the necklace off.

And then, two years later, the answer was convincing enough to again feel comfortable enough to wear the crucifix.

If you went two years without any visible Christian displays, would people know? Would it change you?

Small Habits Shape The Spirit

Ignoring The Clock Doesn't Make It Go Away
Ignoring The Clock Doesn't Make It Go Away

Small, seemingly insignificant habits shape our spirit.

The things we do. The things we don’t do.

Many people think life will eventually get easier. Good luck with that.

Seriously, life is hard. This is exactly the reason why small daily habits help focus us on our lifelong spiritual journey.

One day our number is going to be called. April 2009, I began a new habit. Very simple – start each day on my knees with three important prayers.

What’s holding you back from something similar? The clock is ticking and the alarm will go off.

Are you ready for it?

Fatherless? Shepherdless?

Powerful. Significant. Troublesome. Real.

Fatherless. Sheperdless. Is it your fault? Probably.

Happy Birthday Boy Scouts

Be Prepared
Be Prepared

On February 8, 2010, the Boy Scouts of America celebrated 100 years of cheerful service to America’s youth. Since the Boy Scouts of America’s inception in 1910, members have learned to live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law through community services and “helping other people at all times.” What began with a single act of service on a foggy London night quickly evolved into daily “Good Turns.” These have included selling war bonds, collecting food for needy families, and growing victory gardens during World War II.

My son and I are camping with our Cub Scout Pack. Thank God for that foggy London night, 100 years ago.