Dear Son

Little Miracles, Little Dovey

Children delight in the simplest of things. Adults do to, when we slow down enough to notice, but we usually don’t. This video is from last June (2009) and I only had a month of experience shooting You Tube videos.

Looking back, it seems sappy (to me) – the way I told the story.

Oh well, better to try and look silly, than not try at all.


Hidden in this 2-minute video is a delightful surprise and a child’s hopeful innocence.

What will this do to my career?

Dear Son Unanswered Questions?

I Have A Dream

“I have a dream, that one day our Nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed – We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.”

Today in history, 47 years ago.

Why there was ever a time when anyone had to dream such a dream is almost incomprehensible.

What were people thinking when this was not part of everyday life?

Martin Luther King had the right idea. Dream impossible dreams. Great dreams. Dreams that require courageous leadership.

Dear Son

Humbly Serve

This is what we are called to do each day.

To humbly serve others.

We often get lost in the translation.

Why? Because we are so busy worrying about our career and our money.

Our Choices Make Us

Will You Be God’s Hands Today?

Will You Be God’s Hands Today?

If not you, who?

If not today, when?

Will you also find time to hone your career skills?

Video Sharing

Jesus Saves

Jesus Saves, from Jeremy Camp’s CD, We Cry Out, released yesterday. Ever get a song in your head and it won’t go away?

Now that you’ve fed your spirit, here’s a quick thought on your financial responsibility.