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Our Final Night With Carter, February 13
Our Final Night With Carter, February 13

Tomorrow Carter would have turned 11, but 25 days ago on Valentine’s Day morning, we laid Carter to a peaceful rest.

Cheryl has already begun the process of rebuilding our Family.

And the same day (yesterday) she shows me Carter’s breeder’s website, was the same day these ten tips on getting a puppy found their way to my inbox.

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.

The tips are common sense but not common practice. Reading them reminded me how you get out of your Pet what you put into your Pet.

We put in a ton.

And still, Carter taught us more than we taught him.

Become Your Own Christian

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Click It

Many people I know, and read about, deny themselves the divine providence of God’s Love simply because they see some Christians who appear to be hypocrites.

To this I have a gut reaction.

Do you stop driving your car because some drivers are reckless?

For Sale: Christianity

Everybody's In Sales
Everybody's In Sales

Ever heard the phrase, “Everybody is in sales”?

Disagree if you’d like, but ignoring this fact does not change it – everybody is in sales. Period.

Sales is the transfer of enthusiasm.

If you want to “sell” others (aka evangelization), you should be filled with enthusiasm yourself.

Your personal enthusiasm is your greatest “sales tool” for Christian life, and the biggest reason people don’t want to buy.


The Ultimate Currency?

Hey Mister, Got A Minute?
Hey Mister, Got A Minute?


“I would gladly stand at a street corner, hat in hand, begging passers-by to drop their wasted hours into it.”Bernard Berenson

Sometimes the hours it costs to volunteer, as a Lector, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, and Catechism teacher, seem too expensive.

And then I’m reminded that volunteering time, to help children and adults become closer to Jesus Christ, is worth ever penny hour.

There will come a time when rest will be eternal. Until then, donate your time as best you can. It’s the ultimate currency.

And these five daily blogs, they are also a donation. But you already knew that.

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How To Tell If You’re Inspired

Funny how someone can come along and destroy the paradigm of what is possible?

Do you ever dream of doing that yourself?

“Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself.” — Winston Churchhill

And I’ll add, When you look in the mirror each morning for motivation, do you see a mountain or a molehill?