Holy Family Cub Scout Pack 114 Awards Banquet

Orlando’s Holy Family Catholic Church Cub Scout Pack 114 held it’s annual Cub Scout Awards Banquet last night.

A handful of Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cubs received their respective badges for earning their rank.

A special thanks to Rob, our Committee Chair and Bear Den leader, and to our Cub Master and Wolf Den leader Greg. Also thanks to Mike, the Tiger Cub Den leader.

There are others, no doubt, who deserve credit, like all the parents.

Anyway, here are two short You Tube video clips I shot last night click on BEFORE and AFTER to perhaps enjoy a special memory in your own life.

Do Things Happen in Threes?

Threes are important, aren’t they?

How about Faith, Hope and Love?

The biggest three in my world anyway.

However, this morning, in the span of 30 minutes, it happened like this:

  1. Father V spoke about Love
  2. Art spoke about do-overs
  3. Dennis & Stacey spoke about making a difference

Please let me explain;

Number one. Our Priest spoke of Love being the ultimate choice in life. Not that we get to love, as much as we are loved. And our choice is in what we do with this knowlege. The goal, Father V said, is that we love others, as our Father loves us.

Number two. Art told me his oldest son graduated High School two days ago. I asked, “He grew up fast, didn’t he”? Art replied, “Too fast”. If given the chance to do it over, Art said something about doing it differently, carving out even more time than he did, knowing what he knows now.

Number three. Stacey and Dennis are sponsoring a fund-raiser, in honor of their beloved daughter, Whitney Lee DeCarlo, on Saturday, May 23, at our Church. I asked Stacey and Dennis if it would be OK to post a short You Tube video clip. Click here to see the short video clip. A few minutes earlier, we had just finished talking about trying to make a difference in our World, and using social media to do it.

You may click here – Whitney Lee DeCarlo – to read Stacey’s Caring Bridge Journal, for the full story.

This post is in honor of all those people trying to help others. This post is also inspired by the power of people working together for a common good.

While many reading have no way to attend Stacey and Dennis’ dinner gala for a great cause, maybe there is something else you can do in your corner of the world. Or, if you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please email Stacey at staceydecarlo@mac.com

It is better to give than to receive, eh? Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

You Tube and jeff noel.org

You Tube and jeff noel.org

A winning combination?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Today’s post is simply a small test, as I learn how to post multiple You Tube videos to multiple blogs, without getting confused.

Wish me luck, as I am doing the same for you, everyday! Carpe diem and Happy Saturday, jeff noel 🙂

You Tube Video at jeff noel.org

Was recently at Niagara Falls, NY on a business trip. Below is the You Tube video link and my first video post on jeff noel.org

Had a few minutes to get some fresh air after a long day of traveling, so I walked down to Niagara Falls, from my hotel.

Click here to see my second impression of Niagara Falls. My first impression was 40+ years ago when I was a little boy, on our family vacation.

Life is like Niagara Falls, relentless, overwhelming, unbelievable!

Carpe diem, and thank you for visiting jeff noel.org 🙂

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Are Baby Boomers Cool?

Are Baby Boomers, and even Gen X-ers cool?


Way cool!

In 25 days, I have (hopefully) the privilege of turning 50. Seriously,

Of the many blessings and unique things that have happened during those five decades, I have never been an Olympian, nor had a “six-pack”.

Later this summer, I anticipate both becoming reality.

Funny thing though. Neither was a goal I had in mind.

Sure, like some people, I had dreams of these things throughout my lifetime. But never in a million years thought it would come true. And, may I add, I was never longing for, nor hellbent, to accomplish either.

Instead, what did I become passionate about?

Lowering my high cholesterol.

And that is what is leading me to the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships this August.

Feel free to check out this amazing, yet humble, journey to the “old people’s Olympics” at www.Lane8.org .

Our eight-year old son is encouraging me to finish my goal of becoming the slowest of the fastest, out in Lane 8 .

Never let your memories be bigger than your dreams. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂