Common Sense

Metaphorical stormy weather is never far away

NOAA map 2015
This morning’s update.


Metaphorical stormy weather is never far away.

Even when skies are blue.

The time to worry about life’s storms is when we don’t need to.

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Common Sense

We’re in charge of our own results

Holy Family Catholic Church Orlando
Cheryl Noel lower center. Yesterday. Church volunteer.


Many people spend zero to one hour per week in Church.

An overwhelming majority do not volunteer in any way.

If we did an inventory of our commitment, and then an analysis of our benefits, are we satisfied?

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Common Sense

Our focus feeds our belief

Robot sculpture and drawing
Humans, obviously, are not programmed to be perfect.


We see what we want to see.

Maybe more people would believe in an unseen God if they focused on an immeasurably loving God rather than on the ridiculously imperfect humans trying to be good and decent people.

Our image and definition is influenced by what we focus on.

If we focus on what appears to be hypocritical, flawed individuals, then of course it’s a losing proposition.

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Common Sense

Read the darn manual

Photo of Jimmy Buffett tickets
Four Jimmy Buffett tickets to last night’s concert.


Last Sunday Deacon Jack’s homily was entitled:

Read the darn manual.

When he was in the Navy and something on the Ship broke, he was trained to read the manual and fix it.

Of course the manual he’s referring to was the Bible.

He reminded everyone of the top two referenced concepts in the Bible:

  1. Do not be afraid
  2. Believe

When our life is broken – which is nearly constant – do we remember the top two references in our manual?

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Common Sense

Weighed down with treasure?

Middle School classroom
Carved out time yesterday to hang out at the middle school during lunch.


Our treasure can weigh us down. All our accumulated possessions from gradually becoming more prosperous as we age through our careers – these things can crush us without our detection until one day something tragic happens.

A wakeup call. A midlife crisis.

Or maybe, if we are intentional for a change, a midlife celebration.

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