Passion Doesn’t Mean Perfection

Dear Son, People are jealous of successful people, generally speaking. As you journey through life, look around and observe this phenomenon. Wish it wasn’t so, but it is. As you find your way through life, you’ll be tempted to ease up, to slow down, to back off. Mostly because, it’s just easier than creating waves […]

Today’s Letter (Part 2)

Just a quick note. The You Tube music video in the post below plays on our Mac Book and Toshiba laptop, but not on our iPhone or iPad. In trying multiple ways to get you one click to hear/see it. nothing worked. You Tube. Ty Herndon. Living In A Moment. Probably not worth your time… […]

Dear Son

Randy Pausch, who wrote The Last Lecture, and shortly thereafter, died, wrote a book about living while he was dying. I’m writing a book about living while I’m living. We are all dying, son, it’s simply a fact of life. Leave a trail for your Family. That’s what I’m doing for you, son. Yesterday, as […]