Final Answer? Final Post?

OK, my final answer – this is my final post for May 2009.

Duh, it’s May 31, so of course this is the final post this month.

Yes, and!

And moving forward, I’ll be posting periodically, rather than daily.

I’m now just 60 days away from Finland.

Expect some cool, inspiring, and intriguing stuff at Lane 8.

Over ten years ago, I started to get in shape by doing one push-up per day.

The first two years, I also tried to jog, but all I could do was walk.

Now here it is, one week before my 50th birthday, and I’m heading to the Master’s Track & Field World Championships in Finland, in 60 days.

I got to this level of accomplishment by applying what I teach.


Hey, I better get going. Promised myself a nap. I better get started. Carpe diem, jeff noel, aka jungle jeff 🙂

Two More Days, eh?

Yes, two more days.

Only two more days of five blog posts per day. Whew!

It was a good day though.

Today, we attended our son’s friend’s ninth birthday party. Swimming with the kids, catching up with the parents, and learning some new tech stuff from my friend Chuck – after the pizza and when the children were back at swimming a second time.

The Orlando Magic are back here tonight playing game six against the Cleveland Cavaliers. If the Magic win tonight, they go to the NBA finals. The Magic haven’t done that since 1995.

And tomorrow morning at 8:45AM Mass, my wife and I will lead the Children’s Liturgy of the Word for Kindergarten through 5th grade children.

Life is good. God is great. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love.

That’s what keeps me going. That’s what has me posting to five blogs each day.

Here’s a reality check though.

My Go Daddy stats show that jeff is the least visited of the five blogs. I’ll be adjusting my posting frequency and re-evaluating my strategy.

Meanwhile, I’ll post here everyday through May. May 30 & 31, and then……summer vacation. Yee-haw! jeff noel 🙂

Love Who You Love

Love Who You Love

Up at 30K feet, from Memphis to Orlando, listening to Rascal Flatts‘ new song, Love Who You Love, for about the sixth time.

However, this is the first time I’m actually listening to the words.


What struck me is the story. It sounds like my story. It sounds like your story. It sounds like the story of most people’s lives.


Because I get so damned busy doing things, and keep promising I’ll get to the simple things. Like sitting so close, they can feel it.

Like stealing little moments. But becoming an actual habitual criminal, always stealing those little moments.

A note in a lunch box, or a purse. A voice message at work before she gets there. An extra visit to my son’s favorite store – The Lego Store at Downtown Disney.

Ya with me?

I can’t wait to get home, and hug them as hard as they’ll let me.

You know what, I actually could care less if you think this is too sappy or weak, or old fashioned.

If I don’t start changing a little, I’ll regret it a lot.

Thank you Rascal Flatts, for your song and it’s important reminder:


……… Love Who You Love ……………………..

I should have stolen every moment

Now there’s a page with not enough on it

Where you belong

I guess I never understand it

Why do we take it all for granted

Until it’s gone

Cause then it’s gone

Love who you love

With all that you have

And don’t waste the time that flies so fast

Love who you love

And say that you do

Hold on as tight as they’ll let you

Give all you got like it’s your last day

Your heart and soul before it’s too late

And pull ’em in

Sit close enough that they can feel it

Live every single breath that you’re breathing

Breathe it in

Again and again

Love who you love

With all that you have

And don’t waste the time that flies so fast

Love who you love

And say that you do

Hold on as tight as they’ll let you

Hold on…. Hold on….. Hold on…….


Love who you love and carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

PS. Click the link above to listen to 30 seconds.

Who Hates Quotes?

Not me. I love quotes.


Because, to me, they capture the essence of an entire volume of thought.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible”. — unknown

Things like:

  • Writing five blogs per day
  • Compete in the World Championships
  • Becoming an accomplished Public Speaker
  • Becoming a Father
  • Meet and marry the love of my life
  • Live past 60
  • Write a book
  • Make the World a better place
  • Find cures for terrible diseases
  • Bring honor and glory to God
  • Hear, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

Deep, huh?

And why not deep? Perhaps a shallow, unexamined life is good enough.

Perhaps it’s not.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂