September 2009

So Sad It’s Friday

No, I’m not sad it’s Friday. I’m incredibly grateful it’s Friday.

It’s been an interesting week. Spent five full days “on the road”. Portland, Eugene, University of Oregon, Hayward Field, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and the Joshua Tree National Park.

The incredible folks at Delta Airlines treated me like royalty. Had two long travel days, an 18-hour day and a 12-hour day.

Was humbled by my inability to manage time better than planned.

There are always things that will happen that cannot be foreseen. They almost always happen. Why is it so difficult to accept this?

Whether it’s a trip or daily life, I must learn to plan for the unexpected. Common sense, just not common practice.

Looks like we’ll all have our work cut out for us today. Good luck.

September 2009

Can Love Save Us?

Love. Can Love save the world?

Only if we believe it can.

The power of our spirit is the only antidote to hate.

That power within us is our only power. Yet we go on a journey to find it somewhere else.

Humans are strange creatures. And wonderful too.

September 2009

Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal equinox comes and goes every September. It happened again yesterday. Most people never notice.

One might even ask, “Who cares”?

Realizing this while eating lunch at the Salt Lake International Airport, I took a moment to reflect on the changing of seasons and the passage of time.

That’s what these seasonal milestones do, they mark time in a bigger picture than seconds, minutes, days or weeks.

Seasons. Four every year. Big deal.

Several friends have recently found out they don’t have much time left. Life is seasonal too. We’re born. We live. We pass on.

Does anyone even notice?

“What would you do differently if you had ten years to live? Not weeks or months, but a decade”?

Start soon. The next Autumnal equinox is right around the corner…..

September 2009

Eugene, Oregon

Had lunch at the Starbuck’s on 13th Avenue at the opposite corner of “O”- The Duck Store.

Eugene, Oregon, besides being home to the University of Oregon, is also known as Track Town USA.

After lunch and a quick visit to the bookstore for a “Stop Pre” t-shirt, it was off to Hayward Field.

As soon as I stepped onto the track, a siren blared from the firehouse across the street. When my son and I hear a siren, without fail, we say a prayer for the driver, the helpers, and the family or families that are involved.

It was then the realization became conscious, I hadn’t started the day, in my hotel room, on my knees. Right there on the spot, I got down on my knees (in Lane 8 actually) and said the “morning” prayers.

Funny how a 20-hour travel day can throw you a curve. Funny how just abut anything can throw you a curve. Batter up.

September 2009

Portland, Oregon

Hello from Portland, Oregon. Arrived very late last night. Spent 20 hours getting here.

Visiting and hoping to find the opportunity later today to visit Eugene, Oregon, home of Hayward Field at the University of Oregon.

Steve Prefontaine, Pre as everyone called him, ran there. If you don’t know anything about Steve Prefontaine, know one thing.

Nike has only made one bronze statue of an athlete. Ever. Period.

Steve Prefontaine.

God blesses every person with some gift. Pre was blessed with courage, but people mistook him as simply a runner.