God Is Everywhere

Toronto International Airport
Toronto International Airport

Life is like a treadmill at a gym. You get on and you go and go, but you never get anywhere.

We go through our motions day after day, sometimes, we have no idea how much time is passing by.

And then things happen. Unexpected things. Things that might leave us feeling regret.

There is no immunity from regret, but there is a prescription for it.

“No Soup For You!”

There was a Seinfeld scene taking place in a New York cafe and the chef said, “No soup for you!”

It became a famous phrase people would say when someone didn’t deserve something.

Well, everyone deserves today’s jeffnoel.org blog, however, “No blog for you!” simply means I ran out of time today.

Goodnight from North Carolina.

He Prayed For Me On The iPhone

iPhone And Very Thick Book
iPhone And Very Thick Book

Ever have something nice, and completely unexpected happen?

Late yesterday, while I was still in the office (yes, on a Saturday), my iPhone rang. It was Keith.

Keith and I rode the same school bus for 12 years. I was best man in his wedding, which was like two days after we graduated from the Spring Grove Area High School, in 1977.

Keith lives in Hawaii now, but while he was back home last week in our small town, he said he heard from others about my Faith.

Keith, me and Jesus.

An unlikely trio.

Not any more.

(This may take a few days to explain)

Where’s Jesus?

The Best Example Is Across The Table
The Best Example Is Across The Table

Just replied to a friend’s email, declining an invitation to a men’s group Saturday night get-together.

You know, it’s difficult to say no. What happens when we say no too often?

People stop asking us.



Yes, unless we have so much passion that it’s no longer ignorable.

I challenged Duane to spend just five minutes reading www.jeffnoel.org

And told him that when our son (9) goes looking for Jesus, he shouldn’t have to look any farther than across the dining room table.

Ya with me?