Happy Birthday Cort

Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being our friend all these years.

From freshman year at West Chester State College in 1977, to being best man in our wedding in 1983, to today.

Remember all those road trips and Fraternity parties, the camping trips (especially Outward Bound & Cliff Island), Sig Ep reunions, and various other times we’ve connected over the past 32 years?

Fifty is a cool age. It proves, if nothing else, that we survived five decades.

Happy birthday, my half-century friend.

Carpe diem, jeff noel, bobby weaver, noelski, idiot, freak, dude, etc 🙂

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Noelski –


We are all getting together this weekend for Hop’s son’s wedding in Allentown. Gib, Long & Howard are all going to be there. Not sure who else but expect Toso, Benny right now.

Will send you picts and hope to see you soon!

Thanks for the birthday sentiment!!!!!!…………..

I would like it to be in person next time but compromise it part of life…….when are you going to be in town next??????

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