He’s My Son

Saturday’s post naming my top three favorite Christian artists, didn’t mention Mark Schultz. Why? It contained only the top three.

My good friend Craig reminded me of Mark Schultz – he’s number four. One song of his is particularly poignant, “He’s My Son“.

Here’s a 1 1/2 minute version capturing the essence. There were many, many nights, before our son’s disease was diagnosed that we felt fairly helpless. Not that we no longer do, but we at least know what we are dealing with.

By jeff noel

Internet's only five-a-day blogger, leaving a trail for our son. This is about putting the spirit of Love at the center of your life. It may be God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. For me, it's Jesus.

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I believe a true singer/songwriter is one that can capture the emotions of the moment. Mark Schultz definitely is one that does it.

I am a bit old school with my 4 (I couldn’t just do 3 either). They are:

Wayne Watson
Keith Green
Rich Mullins
Bryan Duncan


Nothing wrong with old school. Maybe that’s what the New Testament said to the Old Testament. Truth is, one begets the other, eh?

Thanks, as always, for sharing. 🙂

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