I Wish We Were Better

If there is one thing that I (we) need to figure out, it’s how to become better at communicating with Family and friends in distant places. And if this is possible, it could bring a whole new level of peace and joy to life.

Upon an inventory of my life, this is the one area I feel disgustingly inadequate with. Seriously. It often causes me to feel hypocritical. Maybe I worry to much about this. Maybe not.

Anyone out there have any suggestions?

By jeff noel

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One thing I learned about communicating with family and friends in distant places is setting up a routine. That takes out the guilt from it and sets the expectations at something more manageable. For instance, make a routine of calling a certain family member on Saturday mornings at 9 am. make that the habit. The expectations are set. It not only gives you a regular habit of communicating, but it shows them that they have a standing “appointment” with you.


Bob, excellent idea. Thank you for taking time to reply. Much appreciated. Wish (pray) me luck. 🙂

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