Did you click on it?

Did you listen to it?

I mean, did you listen to the words?

Every word?

Some of you did, I’m certain…

…I’m not the only one….

By jeff noel

Internet's only five-a-day blogger, leaving a trail for our son. This is about putting the spirit of Love at the center of your life. It may be God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. For me, it's Jesus.

2 replies on “Imagine”

Joe, I remember you. Thanks for visiting and thank you for commenting. Didn’t I see you at the Yacht & Beach Club a couple weeks ago? I was helping someone when I first saw you, came back to look for you and you were gone.

Thanks for sharing the hulu link. Additionally, here’s a link to a post I did the day after that Glee episode:

I’ll send you a LinkedIn invite. Take care. jeff 🙂

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