The Hardest Thing

The hardest thing for me to do isn’t to get started.

Then what?

The hardest thing is to stay motivated.

Stay motivated?


For what?

To stay motivated to not quit.

That’s one of the secrets to great results.

For example, when do we ever reach a place where we can stop praying? Or stop exercising? Or stop learning? Or stop saving money?

We can not quit, can we? Well, I guess we can quit, but then we shouldn’t complain about where our spirit, our body, our mind, or our money goes.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

By jeff noel

Internet's only five-a-day blogger, leaving a trail for our son. This is about putting the spirit of Love at the center of your life. It may be God, Allah, Mohammed, Buddha, Yahweh, etc. For me, it's Jesus.