Just like Disney Institute but you get two bonuses

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Writing at Walt Disney World is easy and convenient when all you use is an iPhone.

Just like Disney institute (DI), the Professional Development arm of the Walt Disney Company, but you get this too:

  1. Exclusive, Concierge-level access to the owner, every single time.
  2. World-class, Disney Customer Service content, generally 50% less cost than the world-class provider (DI).

Think about how this applies to what you purchase and why?

  1. How is a world-classs brand positioned by you?
  2. Why do you choose that brand instead of other brands?
  3. Why do you recommend that brand to your friends instead of other brands?
  4. What story do you tell yourself when you choose this brand?

How is this brand positioned by you?

For example, Apple has unparalleled safety plus has a change-the-world karma.

Why do you choose a world-class brand instead of other brands?

The founder’s story inspires you.

Why do you recommend your most trusted brands to your friends instead of other brands?

Because it works, because it’s worth the cost, and because it’s great karma.

What story do you tell yourself when you choose your most trusted brands?

You tell yourself you are smart. You are also excited, yet relaxed. You also identify with what the brand stands for. In a way, your favorite brands are an extension of your personal values, optimism, and goals.

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