Leadership accountability challenges

Disney intersection east side
On our (Disney) Eastern border, we head North toward Magic Kingdom to go home.

Leadership accountability challenges are common.


Lack of clarity.

If i asked you and your boss to each grab a post-it note and privately write down your top three work priorities, would your list match your boss’s?

What if the two post-it note lists matched?

What’s to gain?

What if they don’t match?

What’s to lose?

Finally, do you have company-wide standard buckets of focus? For example, at Disney, we have Employee, Customer, and Business buckets. Everyone is crystal clear on this.

Additionally, we have a second level of company-wide leadership standard buckets: Technical, managerial, and behavioral accountabilities. How well do you perform your responsibilities? How well do you manage time, money, and resources? And how well do you demonstrate the desired leadership behaviors.

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