Once Upon a Time in Disney Customer Service (prologue)

Magic Kingdom Flag lowering ceremony


Once Upon a Time in Disney Customer Service (prologue)

No one could have predicted a cartoon company becoming the world’s preeminent customer service organization.

Walt used to rummage through his Animator’s trash cans because he was worried they might be throwing away their best work.

Walt’s attention to detail can be traced back to when he was delivering newspapers as a boy and his Father insisted Walt walk up the porch steps, open the screen door, and place the paper there.

Other newspaper boys would simply throw the paper on the porch floor.

On a cold or rainy morning, opening your front door and reaching down to get your dry paper without opening your screen door was a distinguishing customer service behavior.

Over the decades, and accelerated when Disneyland opened in 1955, Disney has architected a set of world-class customer service blueprints that focuses on one thing – exceeding customer expectations.


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