The Law of Customer Service “Wow”

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The Law of Customer Service “Wow”.

Satisfaction is dangerous.

There, i said it.

Customer satisfaction is dangerous to your long-term brand reputation, financial results, and shareholder value.

No one tells us this.


Because they’d be ridiculed.


Because most organizations measure it.

CSI. Customer Satisfaction Index.

Patient Satisfaction.

There’s no magic in satisfaction. When we meet the needs of our customers they are satisfied. There’s no buzz and no story when our expectations are met.

Only when our experience is amazing or when it’s awful is there a story to tell.

When it’s amazing we recommend. When it’s awful we warn.

When things go just as we expect, there’s no buzz.

The only way to reach wow is through amazing and awful.

To become a world-class customer service organization, amazing has to be all day, every day. It’s architected into your culture. Amazing has to be par for the course.

Leadership must ensure you are hiring people who would be disappointed if they couldn’t deliver “wow” all day, every day. And this applies to every role, customer-facing or behind-the-scenes.

New employee orientation must guarantee every employee understands your organizational DNA, which includes putting every customer up on a pedestal.

Your customer service culture requires every single employee (zero exceptions) to deliver at such a high level that satisfactory service would feel like poor service to your customer.

Be so amazing at what you do that no one can ignore you.

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