We need significance in our life

Purpose Disney speaker jeff
This speaks to me.


Purpose Disney speaker jeff
What is the answer?


Purpose Disney speaker jeff
The wow factor.


Purpose Disney speaker jeff
Audience participation.


Employee Disney speaker jeff
Two thumbs up. Highest compliment you could get from Walt Disney.


Purpose Disney speaker jeff
Never saw the photographer. That’s the mark of a great photographer.


Purpose Disney speaker jeff
i have lunch here often.


Culture Disney speaker jeff
The single biggest lesson i learned about our success at Disney.


No matter how small the degree, we need significance in our life.

This is why Disney’s Common Purpose (i call it the Unifying Goal) is the key to our employee culture – the world-class culture of going above and beyond our job task.

Task vs Purpose is what we call it internally.

It’s ok to be off task if you are on purpose.


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