For Good Reason, In God We Trust Is The Bedrock For People, Institutions And Of Course Nations

Last month jogging through Providence, I stumbled upon Brown University, and of course took photos. I wondered what this said…

In Deo Speramus. Anyone know?

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  1. Wow (again). Didn’t know that, but it makes sense since Rhode Island’s Independent man was once called Hope.

    Google says In Deo Speramus means, In God We Trust.

    Maybe it means both (or maybe Google is wrong). 🙂

  2. I believe it can mean both, but I think Brown University (because of the Hope concept you mentioned) was leaning more toward the hope. But I can see how, either way, it is something we should do! 🙂

    1. I knew I could ask you. But I never see you. So I had to rely on Google instead. There’s more Latin from the trip…

  3. If I remember correctly, speramus literaly means “let us hope”. Of course, in our vernacular, it can be translated close enough. The root word “spes”is latin for hope. I may be wrong but there wasn’t a specific word for “trust”, and “hope” related the same concept. Sound right, Mike?

  4. You just happened to use one of the words I actually remember. 🙂

    90% of my 5 years of Latin was spent finding words in my dictionary! 🙂

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