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Two Dads About The Same Age

In yesterday’s post, we saw Father and Son disappear around the corner, never to be seen again. Except for one small detail. jeff noel pushed his fear aside and running, caught up with them simply to say thanks for their inspirational presentation, and ask for a picture together (to share with his son).

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  1. Yes!!!!!!!

    My gut told me yesterday’s picture/moment wasn’t going to end with them disappearing around the corner. jeff noel isn’t known for letting opportunities slip away.

    Carpe diem!

  2. I’m so glad you chased them down, Jeff. Thanks so much for all the posts today — they were all good, and I thought about them as I did my 50-minute enthusiastic walk this morning. I especially loved the flower and the thought that God was even there. Blessings abundant to you on this beautiful last day of November…

  3. David, we watched their story on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition a few years before they became celebrities. And, I do let some opportunities slip away, but have a much improved batting average from just a few years ago,

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