i used to feel guilty because i…

Red Sigma Phi Epsilon door
The red door is symbolic. Many doors are.


i used to feel guilty because i rarely went to Church.

Then i realized you rarely go to Church.

i used to feel guilty because i wasn’t doing my part to serve others.

Then i realized i wasn’t seeing you as part of a service community.

i used to get stressed wondering why.

Then i realized most of the guilt (and stress) i felt was a choice about focusing on what i couldn’t control.

Gradually, and often exhaustingly, i’m letting go of that and focusing on what i can control, which is much less than what

What i can control is a much smaller and lighter load to carry.

What i used to carry – all those things, people, and circumstances i can’t control has been shed and my burden is lighter.

The weight of trying to control what i can’t has been lifted.

While not easy, i have broken the chains of procrastination and have carved out being a role-model for our Son.

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