Is a Dream a Wish Your Heart Makes?

High School Marching band at Walt Disney World
High School Marching Band at Walt Disney World. Marching here is a conscious “day-time” dream.

Do you remember your dreams?

How often?

What do you do with the dream’s story-line?

Until yesterday, i could not recall the last time i woke up remembering a dream.

So i wrote the details on my phone right away.

Flying all over Disney. Dream happened just before midnight.
Had to have confidence in spite of it being impossible.
Not many knew who i was. In fact, i don’t believe anyone did, but some of the Valet Parkers’ (or maybe it was the Bus Drivers’) costumes where greyish-because they were all over “town”.
As i flew, i could hear some of them saying things like, “I’ve seen him before” or “There he goes again”.
There was one time during the dream, maybe while flying over Disney Springs or behind World Showplace (between Canada and UK) where i saw two Mickeys walking (backstage) to catch a bus. i said something about it while flying low and faintly heard one Mickey say “sorry” in a high pitched MM voice – staying in character?
Even Backstage, there’s always the possibility of encountering Guests.
With the flying, i could slowly gain altitude, and it was never fast or accelerated. Always slow and steady, as if only possible through natural forces, like a decent headwind for lift when i spread my arms like wings.
It felt wonderful.
And I remember how i repeatedly had to reconvince myself that I could do it – even though I knew I could.
PS. Who’s in charge of your spirit?

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