Best Defense?

Son, the best defense is a good offense. Accept that bad things will happen in life.

Then set out to live each day well. This is the best antidote for living with pain and regret.

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Yesterday’s answer: It’s called life. You think human life is unfair, observe what happens in nature.

By jeff noel

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  1. Sensible,savvy, God-led … A supportive,loving person is an important ingredient in a beginning a “live well” attitude. Some kids seem to not have ” enough” of the “secret recipe” of required elements to overcome their feelings of abandonment, rejection,
    Depression or suffering. My 75 yr old mother , despite therapy,God and her own successful family,cannot get past the depression of her loss/experience, etc. Chronic. Intellect
    Says otherwise. Faith lectures otherwise. Family shows otherwise. But. She cannot get past the pain and truly live well. Change can also occur through generations as we overcome the challenges of the past and work past that pain.

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