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See if this sounds familiar – I often catch myself talking to God, but then hurry on my way without waiting for His answer.

Sound familiar? We rush and rush until life’s less fun…

However, in listening, our dreams start to unfold…Orlando Professional Speaker jeff noel, at your service.

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  1. How many years did Abraham and Sarah have to wait after they were promised a son?

    And I’m mentioning them a few thousand years after their death. Not saying you have to die before we start talking about you. They just had to wait a while before they received their reward.

  2. Rut roe, sure don’t want to confuse the message. And it’s possible I’m not. But just in case: In order to follow your calling, your cause, your purpose, you have to take action.

    This action may require you to be the voice, the face, the financier, the whatever. And you have to decide for yourself if the cost is worth the gain.

    I believe it’s possible to write multiple best-selling books about Life’s Big Choices. And to also deliver Keynote Speeches, with the proceeds going to finding a cure.

    God is still laying the plan out. If it requires me to lay low, so be it. If not, so be it. 🙂

  3. No confusion. It was an attempt to show that when we may be in a hurry for an answer, God might have a different plan that requires waiting.

    But waiting doesn’t always mean inaction. It might mean time to sort out the details before the next big step! Like waiting for the date when the first edition is printed!

  4. Ha. In March, tentatively, I’ll start writing more about it. There’s a new chapter being written.

    It’s the standard, just when things are looking sunny and bright, along comes a serious storm, to test what you’re made of.

    Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

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