Sit and create Plan B

18-second 2020 video: From 8900’, i called off the solo Pollock Moutain summit. This is a panorama from where i sat to reflect on what to do as plan B.

Sit and create Plan B.

The last thing i wanted to do after all the anticipation and effort to get to the Great Cleft, just 300 feet from the 9,200′ summit, was quit.

Without belaboring the details, there was no way to safely continue. Even to explore the area to try to find the great cleft was dangerous. And of course, trying to discover the way is a natural reaction. But it was easy to call it off.

When you prioritize your priorities, it’s easy to make decisions.

When you prioritize your priorities, it’s easy to be proactive.

A prioritized decision-making matrix and a proactive, growth mindset enable adaptation when unexpected circumstances arrive.

Expect the unexpected.

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