The person we want to be and the person we actually are should one day become…

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The perils of the dreamer… unknown to many


Difficult to wake up and be grateful all day, everyday.

Isn’t it?

Yet it’s our number one responsibility as a person who confesses humility and gratitude to an omnipotent God.


The person we want to be and the person we actually are should one day become the same – sooner rather than later.

If not today, when?

Like someone overcoming addiction, we triumph one day at a time.

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  1. Jeff,

    It is the daily challenge. Jesus reminded us of this in what is labeled the Lord’s Prayer (or rather, the Disciple’s Prayer, as taught by the Lord). He said, “When you pray, pray like this…” And in the middle of it, He said, “Give us this day our DAILY bread” [emphasis mine]. That is two-fold…He wants to teach us that we do depend on Him daily for our needs (there’s the humility – it is not in our own power), and there should be gratitude for His ability to take care of us (because we can’t on our own).

    And yes, it is a daily reminder to me.


  2. Bob, The Lord’s Prayer, Jesus’ favorite.

    We are so blessed as humanity to have such a single, significant prayer.

    So blessed.

    Immeasurably blessed.

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