What habits bring you

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Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Happy present moment. Photo: several years after Disney retirement, in the home office. Thank you Ty Boyce.
Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker jeff noel
If your goal isn’t impossible, you are not reaching high enough. A second thank you to Ty Boyce.
Jeff noel quote about culture
Every organization has a culture – either by design or by default.

What do habits bring you?


Intentional, over-focused habits bring vibrancy.

Unintentional, under-focused habits bring the opposite of vibrancy.

Simple is as simple does.

Habit, and culture, is what you think and do, without thinking.

Organizational habits.

Personal habits.

By design or by default.

Learn to over-focus on the same things you used to under-focus on or ignore.

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