I Told The Nigerian Man, A Doctor, Sitting Next To Me On The Plane…

(Must you be one to enter?)

I told the Nigerian man, “When our son goes looking for the face of Jesus in the real world, I hope he has to look no farther than across the dining room table.”

The deeper I go, the longer I get to hold Peace and Contentment. You’re getting this, right? We all crave Peace with who we are and Contentment with what we have. Go!

Happy Father’s day!

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  1. Yes and, I believe they are two separate targets.

    1. Peace with who we are. 2. Content with what we have.

    Both 1 & 2 can be influenced throughout life in many ways. Ultimately, we have to decide if we are happy.

  2. BINGO! We decide if we are happy. Not some website, or magazine, or celebrity endorsement on a product we consume.

    Love it! Press on! 🙂

  3. David, there may be some that are medically unable to decide, but for the majority it’s our responsibility.

    It’s hard for some, like overcoming addiction, or disability, or a million other things.

  4. Contentment! Elusive in the world but Medicinal to the soul. ” Be content” as said in the good book , suggests a realization with subsequent decision. Thanks Jeff

  5. Yemi, YEAH!!!!! You’re here! So great to see you again. Or conversation was exceedingly meaningful to me. Thank you for that.
    (Everyone, meet Yemi, the Doctor who does annual mission trips to Africa to help build hospitals up so the mortality rate on newborn children and their mothers drops dramatically).

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