Is God calling people to go to church or be His church?

Mid Life Celebration the book, in Calgary Alberta Canada
Casual glances lead to overlooking what’s right in front of us (see it?)


Is God calling people to go to church or be His church?

Hey, can I please have 15 seconds of his time? The two others waiting said, go ahead.

It lasted two minutes. Leaving his office, apologized to the secretary and the two folks waiting – for taking longer than promised.

Walking (half skipping) backwards down the hall, hands folded and bowing graciously to them, she quickly said, you’re like a 12 year old, I love your energy.

I said whoa, wait, and walked quickly toward them and said, you know what it is? It’s blessings. Being fully conscious – all day everyday. I don’t want to waste a single day.

They both seem astonished, smiled… and then thanked me for saying that.

It seemed like a ‘Church’ moment.

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