It was only a pop quiz but at first it felt like a major test

LinkedIn comment screen shot
Paradoxically enough the author of this comment is a Chief Relationship Officer.


It was only a pop quiz but at first it felt like a major test. An unfavorable social media comment in response to my LinkedIn post made me question myself for a few seconds. My blood started to get heated, but i cooled it quickly.

And as i have learned, there is no place in my life for anger, revenge, nor bitterness.

This led, of course, to praying for the person who wrote the comment. They must be going through something challenging to make a public attack comment like that.

Seriously, i pray they are ok.




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By jeff noel

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2 replies on “It was only a pop quiz but at first it felt like a major test”


Well, you know, you did say your job is to rattle people, and it seemed to rattle this person. I have learned that a lot of times, those who fight against being “rattled” are already being “rattled” and this is just the representation of the inner struggle.

Keep on keeping on!


Thanks Bob, i was too close to it to see what you saw right away. And, truth be told, the arrow pierced the bullseye.

Thank you for helping me see that. 🙂

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