The Other Best Piece Of Parenting Advice Came From One Of My Students

We’ve come a long way from sitting at an old picnic table…

Eating peanut butter and left-over campfire marshmallow sandwiches…

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from San Juan Island in the Puget Sound…

After I told the class (adults) the story in yesterday’s post, a man came up to me and said, “Loved your story, but there’s a third thing a man needs to do to be a great Father to his children…Love their Mother”.

Happy 28th anniversary Cheryl. I’m blamin’ you for lovin’ me!

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  1. Happy Anniversary to a great couple! I love the pics. What beautiful memories you are making together!

  2. Happy Anniversary. It’s always a joy to celebrate a marriage that lasts a long time. Congratulations.

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