The will to spiritually explore

The will to spiritually explore.

Do you have it?

On a scale of 1-10, 10 is best.

What’s your number?

Spiritual life hack, aim for a perfect 10.

Sometimes you spiritually explore intentionally and sometimes spiritual exploration is thrust on you. Saturday, it was thrusted.

Saturday the music and PA system was so loud it was necessary to enlist the Orange County Sheriff for assistance.

At 2PM met Deputy Aaron at a neighbor’s house because their house borders the Church property. Wanted the Officer to hear what the neighbors hear. Deputy agreed it was too loud and addressed it with the DJ. The music initially quieted. But the PA system was never adjusted. Think High School Homecoming Game announcement loud.

Backstory: at noon i biked over and asked the DJ to turn the music down. He is not a Church member. The Church gave him no parameters for volume control for music nor PA system. The music was nicely turned down. But only for 10 minutes until 12:15 PM.

The 10-minutes-only compliance prompted the first call to the Sheriff at 1:00 PM.

The Sheriff’s effort on loud music (not PA) lasted an hour.

It was necessary to call the Sheriff a second time.

If the sound volume was coming from a residential neighbor, irrefutable, totally unacceptable levels.

Coming from a Church, it felt wrong turning them in.

My will to grow spiritually forced a level of thinking that required an objective view of the code violation. Simply put, it’s a noisy neighbor. The source of the noise violation has no bearing on the code violation.


No one is exempt from the law.

Unless i’m missing something, no one is above the law.

The volume of the noise. The duration of the noise. The frequency of the noise. Absolute code violation.

Here’s an interesting insight that struck randomly.

It’s important to note because in any other context, my motive for calling the Sheriff would be misread as anything but what it is – disturbing the peace.

So grateful it’s a “White, Christian Church”, otherwise i’d be dealing with the backlash of race, religion, and or ethnic implications – none of which need defending in this case because i am a white Christian, a regularly-attending Church participant.

Note: Our 20+ year Church, Holy Family Catholic Church is 20 minutes away. Holy Family seats about 1,500 people. We are in limbo there until Covid settles to our comfort level to re-attend. Meanwhile, beginning in 2020, i started walking next door to attend Sunday morning services. Always sitting in the back. In fact, sitting against the back wall, on the floor. i deemed it the safest location during Covid.

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