Are you living the dream yet wanting more?

Jody Maberry and jeff noel
What a privilege to visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom with Jody Maberry.


Jody Maberry and jeff noel
We are by Lee Cockerell’s Disney Window on Main Street.


Jody Maberry and jeff noel
From serious to not-serious in 0.06 seconds.


Lee Cockerell's Disney window
This was where we stood, in the shadow of greatness.


Jody Maberry at Disney
A 30-second walk further and we stopped to enjoy the locals dancing and singing.


Jody Maberry and jeff noel
A few minutes later, more singing and dancing by the locals. It was cool for Chapin to meet Jody at our house and tag along to Magic Kingdom.


Are you living the dream yet wanting more?

Here’s how it probably shakes out for most of us.

  1. We have everything we need but can’t see it.
  2. We have an inaccurate definition for “having it all”.

To help me process this as i neared my 50th birthday in 2009, i wrote a book that focuses on:

• rethinking

• reprioritizing

• recommitting


Jody Maberry hosts Lee Cockerell’s podcast, Creating Disney Magic as well as Dan Cockerell’s podcast, Come Rain or Shine.


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