Dear Lord, thank you for your amazing Grace last night

An attitude and patience can quickly be sent to the wrong destination… quickly.

patiently faithful

Dear Lord, thank you for your amazing Grace last night. The devil tempted me at least 100 times to blow my stack. You held me firmly in your indestructible, patient embrace. Which was then modeled with another who needed it too.

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  1. It’s amazing grace to receive God’s blessing. Even more so when we are fully aware they are happening to and for us, and those around us.

  2. Patty, amazing Grace is ALWAYS present. Why we would be angry at God, for anything, is testament that the devil is extraordinarily powerful.

  3. Can’t imagine being angry at God. The one being who loves us unconditionally all the time. The One who sees us through the best and the toughest if times.

  4. Patty, exactly. Yet it’s not uncommon for people to be angry for what happens in life. For people to think God has abandoned them.

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