Dear Son, my email response to an email prayer request

God our Creator
Our God is an awesome, loving God

Dear Son, my email response to an email prayer request…

Sickness, illness, tragedy… none of these make sense, since our God is a loving God. As we all struggle to find meaning, the thought just occurred (seriously) as I typed the first sentence…

maybe the blessing is so painstakingly obvious that we can no longer see it…

the blessing is that we have life… and every minute of every day is a gift… and maybe if we enjoyed more of those, then when the time comes when that opportunity narrows or goes away… we don’t feel sorrow or regret, but joy that our loved one is going to see the King of Kings.

and maybe our hardships are blessings in disguise…

Don’t have the answers, but do have the gift of thinking about them… we all do.

Dear Heavenly Father, we trust that Your will be done. Please help us in our human weakness and imperfection.

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  1. When things are out of our control, we may rest knowing God is always in control. This is so easy to forget. And yet it’s the one thing that makes all the difference in our understanding.

    In the fine print though, and that’s really the essence of MLC, is that living each day to it’s fullest (as distracting and boring as that may seem) is the best way to be “in control” of the uncontrollables.

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