Do you take it for granted?

Yesterday in Philadelphia.

Do you take your blessings for granted?


Because taking our blessings for granted robs us of gratitude which robs us of joy.

From the photo above, a few easy-to-think-of blessings:

  • Able to bend down pain-free
  • The gift of eyesight
  • Having a life partner to want to send flowers to
  • Being able to notice small things (the only daisies i saw all day)
  • Having 40+ year college friends to visit annually
  • Affordable airfare
  • A great camera on a great phone
  • A sunny, warm, mid-October day
  • A Philly bike-rental tour business
  • A safe city
  • A safe Country
  • Religious/worship freedom
  • A 60-year old body that can easily walk, bike, and function well
  • Etc, etc

•  •  •  •  •

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