How much of these are enough to be good enough?

Jack the Bear
Our plates always seem to be full, our lives, busy


How much of these are enough to be good enough?

  • gratitude
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • joy
  • service

Is it, ‘It can never ever be enough?”



Final answer.

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right – is it ever enough? If there was a line indicating that you have reached the “limit,” all people would do is the bare minimum (kind of like the student in class that does just enough to pass a class – nothing more and nothing less). I just had a scenario flash in my mind of a person seeing someone in need and saying, “I am sorry, but I have already met my quota for compassion today.”


  2. Bob, thank you for sharing your perspective and the scenario you describe is interesting.

    There does come a point (in a day, week, month, year, etc) when we, ourselves, may be spent as humans and can offer no more, even to a person presently in need.

    Perhaps a person in that case could say what you describe, yet add one more thing, “Can we meet tomorrow?”

  3. I guess what I was saying was if there was a “line of demarcation” for when you have reached a satisfactory limit, some people would view it as a “to do” list and do no more than required (meeting an objective versus meeting a need). I wasn’t referring to the person who gives and gives and really can’t do any more in that situation or at that specific time. The difference truly is a heart choice – being able to but choosing not to versus someone wanting to being unable to do so at that time.

  4. Bob, thank you for saying the same thing a second time. Sorry it didn’t quite register the first time. Yes, totally agree with what you are saying (and what you said). 🙂

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