Humble beginnings is a common Family story

Disneyland Jungle Cruise vintage photo
Using this photo signifies the photo upload issue continues. Made it through today’s first two posts without any issues.
Home back porch expansion
Our home was designed and built with two small steps down to a 10′ x 10′ concrete pad for a back porch. No roof. No money for more than this. i used irrigation pipes to “draw” our expansion plans.
back porch home expansion
We added a 44′ x 30′ concrete pad in 2000, eight years after our home was built…15′ roof covered and another 15′ screened in.
Disney theme parks car decal
This photo is an experiment to see if it would work and it did so i’m leaving it. All of this started with a cartoon Mouse in 1928.

Humble beginnings is a common Family story.

Today is the third Sunday of Lent.

Jesus’s story is bathed in humility.

From being born in a stable…to the Savior of the World?

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