Is it a sin to prosper?

Home on Lake Mabel near Walt Disney World
Last night.


It is not a sin to prosper.

Whether prosperity is in mental strength, physical strength, spiritual strength, financial strength or personal home strength, it doesn’t matter.

And what about prospering in all five?

The home above is massive. It will have unobstructed views of Magic Kingdom and Epcot fireworks for eternity.

The owners of this expansive 10-acre lake front compound own, among many things, Harvest Church and The Holy Land Experience.

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  1. Well, that is food for thought! Have you been to this non-profit theme park, the Holy Land experience?

    1. Donna, have not visited it. The home is one lot away from our home. Looking forward to being great neighbors.

      It blocks our view of the Four Seasons Resort at Disney, but we will survive. haha

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