Was i supposed to feel compassion and pity?

Louisville sunset
Sunset last night from hotel room.


Was i supposed to feel compassion and pity?

Asked a worker yesterday, “How’s life been treating you?”

Him: With a heavy sigh, “I’m working two jobs.”

Me: “Sorry to hear that. Hang in there.”

The long walk home (to the Omni) last night i rethought the conversation and wished i would have asked, “How many hours are you working?”


Because a gut feeling says the number of hours i spend working is equal to or greater than his combined two-jobs total.

He never asked, “So what about you?”

i pray especially focused prayers for people who feel like a victim. The prayers revolve around them discovering gratitude as a weapon to fight against “feeling sorry for themselves”.

Additionally, the prayers focus on “the victims” being more aware and empathetic to everyone they encounter. Why? It’s helped me over the course of my life and i am convinced it will help almost anyone.


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