Generosity goes hand in hand with authenticity

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Mid Life Celebration’s first book is being edited and some additions too


What’s the appropriate way to demonstrate gratitude?

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  1. Jeff,
    Interesting and timely question.
    Yesterday was my boss’ birthday. We turned it into a birthday week; a gift a day. Starting with a can of Pringles, a calendar, your book and then Maria’s college semester bill arrived in my email. My salary for the past six months covered the bill leaving me with a spare $100 to start the savings process all over. My final gift to my boss was a note expressing my gratitude for my job. For it allows me to care for my daughter.

    What does gratitude look like? Loyalty, dedication, admiration and appreciation. Gifts are can’t hold but you can feel.

  2. Patty, yours is a true testament to the power of being intentional, in everything, in a balanced way.

    Maria is a very lucky woman to have a Mom like you.

    And authors are very lucky when others believe their art is worthy of sharing with important people. (this is a first and, again, surreal)

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