Hoping the inbox has a few emails from the chosen ones

Mid Life Celebration the book, first 20 copies
Mid Life Celebration the book, first 20 copies (gave most of the red ones away)


Sometime later today, hoping the inbox has a few emails from the chosen ones.

Four days ago sent seven copies (only 10 in print) of the book to seven of the most active MLC supporters.

The three others copies? Keeping the original I read (and reread – 10 times so far), one copy voluntarily sent for an audit, and one copy to frame (or something) for posterity.

The spine was printed incorrectly, so ten corrected copies just arrived a few days ago. Ten free copies to review and share are a typical first step in the printing process.

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  1. Cool. Finished the 20 read on the flight back from Saskatoon Thursday. Read it on Kindle for iPhone.

    Thank you Patty for being an avid supporter.

    It is fun and interesting (learning from reflection) to look back at was happening (in real time) and compare it to what’s been learned and experienced in the past 100 days.

    Is the passion still there? Do the issues seem trivial now? Would the same thing be done again if the same scenario played out today? Etc.

    Enjoy your ride.

  2. Jeff – It was indeed a pleasant surprise to get it and a pleasure to read it with the understanding of knowing you and the blogs.

    Keep hitting on all cylinders!


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