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The pressure to do things well tempts us to not

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The pressure to do things well tempts us to not. At a certain point a startup (or anyone) has to make decisions that what they have is good enough to ship.

Because shipping eventually becomes more important than perfection.

With yesterday’s manuscript review in hand, Xulon Press made an offer for a copyediting service (for an additional fee).

The choice is have a book in hand (for sale to the world) by Thanksgiving but with potential errors. Or have a flawless book that might not be for sale until the end of the year.

Praying for wisdom and courage.

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2 replies on “The pressure to do things well tempts us to not”

Patty, you’re welcome.

Typos are obvious to nearly everyone, with one exception – the person who wrote them.

Yet the writer did something amazing. They shipped.

I know you know the feeling. 🙂

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