Are we addicted to toxic emotions?

motivational thought on inner peace
Any impurity contaminates the whole


Are we addicted to toxic emotions?

If we carry bitterness, anger, fear, regret, then yes, we are addicted.

Bold statement?

Untrue statement?

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  1. And it is amazing how heavy carrying those needless addictions…those burdens…can be!

  2. Patty, holding on to things we can’t control is the prerequisite for negative, unproductive emotions.

    Kindness does something few of us recognize – it releases others’ imperfections, as we would want others to release ours.

  3. Bob, part of growing wise is listening to our still, small voice. The one that can only be heard when we are still.

    When we are still long enough (decades perhaps), we come to the aha moment – “I do not wish to carry these useless burdens any longer.”

  4. If we allow ourselves to be addicted, those emotions often take control.
    I often find myself shaking head at myself, when that happens, wondering how I allowed myself to get to that point.

  5. Craig, what’s interesting is that none of us sign up for the addiction. we simply watch the folks close to us. Osmosis? Maybe.

    Preventable? Not until someone models the new way and offers a choice that looks better than the one the herd subscribes to.



    The truth hurts and the truth can set us free. Dude, freedom is bliss.

  6. Right on. No contaminants allowed! Too heavy. The replacements, love, gentleness, kindness and courage are so much lighter to carry. Great post!

  7. Omada, totally aligned with your thinking. When we give, we receive. Give love, kindness, gentleness and courage – receive the same.

    And so it goes, when we give, we receive… Give toxins, get toxins.

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