No Brainer

Gotta Brain? Use It!
Gotta Brain? Use It!

Our son (9) is a great student. Most kids are. They are on a huge learning curve. It was only a few years ago that they learned how to walk, then run, and climb a tree or ride a bike. Their ability to absorb new things far exceeds our own.

Why? Not sure it even matters. What matters is that it’s true. And so?

So imagine your responsibility opportunity to teach, and shape, and mold.

After Church this past Sunday, I made a conscious effort to tell Deacon Jack what an inspirational speaker he is. He thanked me and said I helped him answer his question to himself, “Am I making a difference?”

Being nice to people is a no brainer.

And yet we rarely do it.

By jeff noel

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  1. You know Jeff I think alot if not the majority of people have those positive thoughts about others…but it seems to me that significantly fewer take the time/effort to actually verbalize them.

    Not sure why. What are we afraid of? Opening up to someone? What does it cost us? 30 seconds of our time?

    Taking 30 seconds to compliment, encourage, reinforce, or just say good morning not only makes others feel good but it makes you feel good about yourself and if your not careful can actually build up your self confidence.

    Its a baby step but one we all need to take.

  2. Agreed, Skip.
    Maybe it’s a great habit to think it, and a poor habit to keep it to ourselves.
    All of us can use encouragement, all the time.
    Maybe it would get old eventually. But there are few, if any, who’ll ever find out.

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